New direction scholarship

We offer people looking to change career the opportunity to access study within the construction industry so they can enhance their career prospects with a formal BCITO qualification.

Applications are currently closed.

New Direction Scholarship

How many scholarships are available?

Five (5) scholarships are available. You can only be awarded a New Direction Scholarship once.

How much are the scholarships worth?

Each scholarship is worth $3,000.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is genuinely looking for a fresh start in a BCITO trade.  For example, people looking to change their career, those returning to work after a prolonged absence and single working parents.

Applicants need to be signed into a BCITO apprenticeship to claim this grant or intending to use it to cover the cost of their BCITO fees.

What can this scholarship help with?

You can use this scholarship to cover costs associated with training that best suits your personal development needs. Some examples include:

  • BCITO fees
  • course materials
  • childcare expenses
  • technology
  • tools

How do you apply?

You can apply by completing the BCITO New Direction Scholarship Application and sending this to us along with a portfolio of information. Your portfolio should include

  • a description of your current situation clearly evidencing your eligibility
  • an explanation of how this scholarship will help you reach your career goals
  • a statement of how you will use the funds - include supporting documents that evidence your expenses

You can get an application from your BCITO Training Advisor.

When can applications be made?

Applications will be open on Monday 27 April 2020 and will close on Friday 22 May 2020.

How will applications be considered?

All applications will be considered by BCITO’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). ELT may request additional information from you or from your BCITO Training Advisor. ELT will assess how well the intended use of the grant meets the purpose of this scholarship. All decisions made will be final.

How and when will applicants be notified?

We'll notify you whether your application has been successful or not by mail or phone within one month of the BCITO ELT meeting held after applications close. Your BCITO Training Advisor or BCITO Business Development Advisor will also be notified. 

How do successful applicants receive funds?

If you are using this grant to pay your BCITO training fees, we will retain the funds, which means you won't receive an invoice from us for $3,000 worth of training.

For costs incurred from any other supplier, payment will be made direct to your specified bank account.

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