Undersubscribed trades-grant

We support companies in trade sectors struggling to engage in training to encourage employers looking to take on new apprentices. 

We believe this support will help employers run successful long-term businesses, better placing them to provide ongoing investment in their trade sector.

Applications are currently closed

Under-subscribed trades grant

How many grants are available?

Five (5) grants are available nationwide. You can only be awarded a BCITO Undersubscribed Trades-Grant once.

How much is each grant worth?

Each grant is worth $2,500 incl GST (if applicable).

Who is eligible?

Employers taking on an apprentice in an undersubscribed trade sector. Apprentices must be salaried employees with the applicant company's business. 

Undersubscribed trade sectors are:

  • Architectural Aluminium Joinery
  • Brick & Block Laying
  • Concrete
  • Exterior Plastering
  • Flooring
  • Glass & Glazing
  • Interior Systems
  • Painting & Decorating

To be eligible, apprentices must be salaried employees with the applying company.

What can this grant help with?

Recipients can use this grant to cover costs associated with training. Some examples include:

  • BCITO fees
  • tools
  • technology

This grant cannot be used to subsidise wages.

How to apply

You can apply by completing the BCITO Undersubscribed Trades-Grant Application and sending this to us along with a portfolio of supporting information. Your portfolio should include:

  • a brief profile of your business and yourself as an employer
  • evidence of your current situation and how you are eligible for the scholarship
  • how the scholarship will help your business train your people including your business goals
  • what you will specifically use the money for, and any supporting documents that are evidence of the cost.
  • details of your nominated bank account such as a bank statement or image from your online banking platform showing account holder name, bank name, bank number and account number (in the case of a successful grant application, this is where funds will be deposited)

When can you apply?

Applications will be open on Monday 25 May 2020 and will close on Friday 19 June 2020.

How will applications be considered?

All applications will be considered by BCITO’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). ELT may request additional information from the applicant or from their BCITO Training Advisor. Successful applicants must demonstrate how well the intended use of the funds meets the purpose of this grant/scholarship. All decisions made will be final.

How and when will applicants be notified?

We'll notify you whether your application has been successful or not in writing within one month following the BCITO ELT meeting held immediately after applications close. Your BCITO Training Advisor will also be notified. 

If you are awarded a grant we will publish your name in our online publication, BC News. You must also be available for media interview if required.

How do successful applicants receive funds?

If you are using this grant to pay your BCITO training fees, we will retain the funds, which means you won't receive an invoice from us for $2,500 worth of your training fees.

For costs incurred from any other supplier, payment will be made direct to your specified bank account.

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