Consent to assess

Schools and other training providers wishing to deliver courses or assess against unit standards in BCITO's domain must apply to NZQA for consent to assess.

Consent requirements

Consent to assess is granted by NZQA. A letter of support from BCITO (as the standard-setting body) is required to assess unit standards under BCITO's coverage. You will need to satisfy BCITO and NZQA that your organisation meets the industry requirements in our Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR). The following documents are referenced within the CMR:

There is no BCITO fee for evaluation of consent to assess applications and visits.

How to apply for consent to assess

Our role is to evaluate your organisation's capacity and capability to deliver qualifications that include BCITO-administered unit standards. We do this by evaluating the documents and evidence you are going to send to NZQA. We also conduct a site visit where required. You need to:

  1. Read the guide to applying for consent to assess
  2. Make sure your institution meets the workshop requirements
  3. Complete a consent-to-assess application form.


The consent-to-assess application form provides information on the type of evidence required to support your application. We recommend that you provide evidence that you have:

  • the capacity and capability to operate at the level of the standards/domain applied for
  • the necessary policies and procedures in place at your institution.

Final decision

We give our final decision either in the form of a letter of support, or a letter with an outline of why the application was declined along with details of our appeal process.


Appeals are submitted to and undertaken by the BCITO National Moderator. If the original decision is upheld the process is then concluded. Applicants are welcome to modify their application and re-apply. However, BCITO fees may apply. Fees charged are based on the NZQA fee schedule.

More information

If you are at a School or Training Provider and would like more detailed information please contact us