Applied Accounting

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In your role you have to be able to prepare and present financial reports for your entity and you need to have a sound knowledge of accounting policies and standards and be able to evaluate and communicate complex financial information. Perhaps you need a refresh or just a bit more knowledge to gain confidence; well this is the course for you.

Benefits to you

  • Understand the practical requirements. This course will provide you with the knowledge to prepare and present financial reports that meet required accounting standards. You’ll learn how to research and present financial information and relate it to your company’s performance.

  • Learn about the Code of Ethics. The course covers the accounting professions Code of Ethics and how to apply this in your day to day work and activities in researching and communicating financial information.

  • Get to grips with manual transactions. You will learn about processing a wide range of transactions – both manual and using software – including accounting equations, trial balances, fundamental principles and classifications and accounting cycles. All of which will contribute to your knowledge of technical financial information in relation to your business.