Budgets for planning and control

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Problem solving within a business context requires an understanding of the full range of complex issues that can contribute to business performance. Financial issues, budgets and accounts are one of the key knowledge areas when seeking solutions. If you need a more comprehensive understanding of these areas, then this course will meet that need.

Benefits to you

  • Learn how to manage budgets to monitor performance. This course will give you the skills to prepare and use budgets to enhance business decision making and problem solving. You will gain an understanding, knowledge and practical awareness of how important the budgeting process is in identifying and managing risk as part of the overall business planning process.
  • Understand how to minimise risk with effective budget process. You will learn how to implement internal budget controls to minimise financial risk. The course covers the practical aspects of budget preparation, sensitivity analysis, internal controls, variance reporting and risk management, so that you can prepare your business in the best way possible to help ensure success.