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The Business Mentoring Programme provides 12 months of confidential one-on-one advice for owners of small and medium-sized businesses who want to grow or need help to solve specific business challenges.

Volunteer business mentors with experience and empathy for small business offer guidance, act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and provide you with an independent and fresh perspective.

Who is the Business Mentoring Programme for?

The programme is designed for business people who:

  • Want a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration
  • Want help to market or grow their business
  • Want help to implement a change to their business
  • Want support or advice to deal with a particular business challenge
  • Want a sounding board to help challenge their thinking, set new goals and achieve success

Who are the Mentors and what role do they perform?

Business Mentors are experienced, successful New Zealand-based business people who know what it feels like to be in business.

Volunteer mentors come from a wide range of industry backgrounds and understand New Zealand business. All mentors are passionate, committed individuals who want to see their communities prosper and grow.

Business Mentors volunteer their time to work alongside a client and participate in a mentoring relationship by:

  • Sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Acting as a sounding board
  • Working with you to grow your business
  • Seeing ‘the bigger picture’
  • Assisting you to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting you in your decision making

All mentors are vetted and reference checked by Business Mentor New Zealand before being accepted into the mentoring programme. Mentors are required to meet the standards of Business Mentor New Zealand's Mentor Accreditation Programme.