Intro to Accounting and Taxation

Offered by TANZ eCampus

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You’re not an accountant, but you need a sound understanding of accounting concepts and financial statements as part of your role. This is the course for you. You will learn about preparing and presenting financial reports with reference to the correct accounting standards, and you’ll gain an understanding of the tax rules that apply to a range of New Zealand entities. You’ll also learn about processing end of period/balance day adjustments – all essential knowledge if you want to further your career!

Benefits to you

  • Gain knowledge about accounting processes. This course will provide you with an overarching understanding of accounting concepts and elements like income statements, statements of changes in equity, cash flow, balance day adjustments and periodic and historic cost.

  • Learn about the Tax rules and how to apply them. The course also covers the tax rules and will help you understand requirements with regard to GST calculations and adjustments, individual tax requirements like student loans and the Kiwi Saver scheme and employer obligations around the gathering and payment of tax.