Achieving team objectives

You can achieve team objectives.

Strong performing teams display inclusive, structured and motivated behaviours with each team member understanding and contributing to their role in achieving objectives. Building a team that operates in this way takes skill and expertise. Make sure you understand the basics to help make that happen and know how best to help your team achieve their objectives.

Benefits to you

Learn the difference between team vs organisational objectives

This course will help you to understand the difference between team vs organisational objectives and how to translate that into a working environment. How is team performance reflected in the wider organisational performance and what is your role in helping to make this happen?

Build and strengthen positive workplace relationships

Relationships matter – particularly those within your work place and team environment. Discover the skills to building strong and positive workplace relationships.

Understand your team

How do you define professional and ethical behaviour? How do you decide what is socially and culturally appropriate within your team environment? Getting the answer to these questions right can be the difference between team success and disappointment. This course will give you the knowledge and skill to make the right call when it comes to managing and motivating appropriate team behaviours, helping to manage a good outcome and achieve team objectives.

Become a motivator

Learn the key skills of team motivation and getting the best from each and every team member. The course will equip you with the knowledge to get the most from your team, helping to achieve key team objectives.

Level: 3 Credits: 15

Studying online part-time as part of a qualification it would take approximately 11-12 weeks to complete the course and assessments OR You could review any part of this course as part of your subscription.