Business communications

You can be a communicator

There are many aspects to successful communication. When communicating within a workplace environment you need to understand the importance of all verbal and written correspondence. In this course you will gain the tools to communicate in a socially and culturally appropriate manner with a range of internal and external stakeholders.

Gain the skills to write basic business reports and manage business correspondence. Learn the importance of engagement protocols, internal policies, cultural diversity, and ethics.
Understand the importance of time management, personal presentation and the power of a positive attitude.

Make an impact in your workplace immediately.

All good leaders understand the power of communications. Grow your core skills in verbal and written business communications.

Benefits to you

  • Learn to communicate professionally
  • Learn business communication protocols
  • Gain self-management skills
  • Develop relevant on the job skills

You can review any part of this course as part of your subscription.

Studying online part-time as part of a qualification it would take approximately 11-12 weeks to complete the course and assessments at Level 3 worth 16 Credits.