Effective leadership

You can be an effective leader.

Give yourself the knowledge and skills to become an effective leader – learn how to lead confidently, motivate your team and contribute positively to your workplace environment.

Benefits to you

Learn to communicate confidently

Learn the skills and gain the confidence to communicate confidently and appropriately with your team.

Become a great listener

A good leader understands the power of listening. In this course you will learn ways to improve your listening skills and how to positively communicate with your team members to get results.

Learn how to give feedback

All successful managers need to learn how to deliver feedback in a way that is constructive and meets your organisation’s guidelines and culture. In this course we will provide you with the techniques to feed back to your team in an effective and constructive way.

Build successful working relationships

As a manger you might be expected to build relationships with a range of internal and external stakeholders – this could include suppliers, customers, competitors, unions, industry and local body regulators and shareholders. In this course you will gain the skills to manage and communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders from diverse sectors and levels of seniority.

Understand your organisation

There are many factors that can have an impact on an organisation. As an efficient leader you will be able to identify and have a good understanding of these factors and their consequences.

Level: 3 Credits: 15

Studying online part-time as part of a qualification it would take approximately 11-12 weeks to complete the course and assessments OR You could review any part of this course as part of your subscription.