Effective team performance

You can be a team player.

As a manager, you are an integral member of a team. A good team player knows how to create and foster a positive work environment where teamwork is the backbone of success. Learn to be a supportive, cooperative and productive member of a team.

Benefits to you

  • Become a communicator
    Develop the communication skills to give and receive feedback, deliver instructions and have courageous conversations. You will also learn the importance of listening, managing conflict and how to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders.

  • Become a productive and cooperative team member
    There is no I in TEAM so learn the skills to be a successful team player. Help your team to be more productive and effective by learning the techniques to encourage a supportive and positive team environment – that starts with you.

  • Learn team performance techniques
    TANZ will arm you with the latest in team performance theory so you can competently set objectives, meet team goals and hit targets. Learn how to set SMART goals and gain an insight into Key Performance Indicators and how they can help you and your team.

  • Develop relevant on the job skills
    This is a practical course that will help you make an impact in your workplace immediately.

You can review any part of this course as part of your subscription.

Studying online part-time as part of a qualification it would take approximately 11-12 weeks to complete the course and assessments at Level 3 worth 16 Credits.