Performance and variance management

You can manage performance and variations to ensure success!

Ensure you have the skills and confidence to effectively manage workflows – taking account of and dealing with variances as they crop up. Learn the skills required to keep projects on track and your team focused on meeting Key Performance Indicators, required outputs and organisational objectives.

Benefits to you

Understand how to establish and review KPIs

KPIs provide the method for measuring and monitoring performance. They enable you to keep track on how your team is contributing towards both team and organisational objectives and to identify when things are not going according to plan. This course will help you to establish effective KPIs and review performance against them.

Learn to manage the disciplinary process effectively

No one likes to manage staff through a disciplinary process – it can be challenging. But, if you manage a team and have leadership responsibilities you need to know the correct process and procedures to undertake and manage a disciplinary process that ensures a good outcome.

Develop your team and their skills

Good leaders not only spend time on their own professional and personal development, they are committed to making sure their team members also have a sound development plan that encourages high performance. What are the components of a good development and training plan and how do you develop and manage one for your team? Where does the performance review process fit into the picture and how do you use it to grow your team members? Learn the answers on this course.

Learn resource management

Effective performance relies on the identification of appropriate and required resources. This course will help you to identify the resources required for completion of a project and also the appropriate and timely allocation of resource to ensure success.

Become flexible and responsive

Because the best laid plans can go awry you need to make sure that you are well equipped to manage workflow changes due to unplanned circumstances. This course will give you the skills to manage workflow and performance variations effectively and efficiently ensuring a professional outcome.

Level: 3 Credits: 15

Studying online part-time as part of a qualification it would take approximately 11-12 weeks to complete the course and assessments OR You could review any part of this course as part of your subscription.