Introducing Meika, your new Apprentice Leader

Meika Newman of Greg Proudfoot Plastering Limited joins the 2024/2025 BCITO Apprentice Leadership Group. Meika’s partnership with BCITO is part of the next intake of Apprentice Leaders in the Exterior Plastering sector, highlighting BCITO’s commitment to empowering and involving apprentices in shaping their learning experiences. The group, initiated in 2023, is a progressive approach to fostering collaboration and communication at the grassroots level within the construction trades.

Meika, originally from the United Kingdom, moved to New Zealand with her family at age 12, living in Nelson for four years, before eventually settling in Christchurch.

She loves New Zealand, especially the outdoors, and always wanted to find a career path that didn’t leave her confined to an office desk.

“I always thought an apprenticeship would be an awesome thing to do. I love being outdoors and doing active work, so it seemed like a perfect fit.”

“I found an Exterior Plastering apprenticeship on TradeMe and thought why not give it a shot.”

“I’m so glad I did. The team at Greg Proudfoot Plastering Limited is fantastic. They are supportive and gave my great guidance when coming into an industry I knew nothing about. I’m constantly growing and learning.”

“What I love about my job is the ability we have to transform a house. I particularly enjoy remedial jobs as it really is a full transformation.”


Her family was very encouraging of her, especially her dad who was always her biggest cheerleader. Meika lost her dad last year but carried on her apprenticeship journey, knowing how proud of her he would be.

“I know my dad would be so proud of me. He would be cheering me on if he could.”

Another big motivator for Meika is being a female in a male dominated industry.

“Being a female in the trade industry really motivates me to be successful, try my best, and show that females can do anything.”

Meika says she’s excited to take on the Exterior Plastering Apprentice Leader role.

“I agreed to be an Apprentice Leader as it is such an amazing opportunity to have a female representing a male orientated trade and being able to bring my view into that space.”

“I’ll bring an open mind and a positive attitude. I’m enthusiastic and ready to make a difference where I can!”

Meika is part of a dynamic cohort of 30 Apprentice Leaders, which includes 15 new additions, featuring two representatives from each BCITO-mandated trade.

The structure of the programme, with a term of 24 months and a new cohort recruited every 12 months, ensures a continuous influx of fresh perspectives and ideas.

The emphasis on forming authentic partnerships between leaders, employers, industry, and BCITO is crucial for creating a supportive and effective learning environment.

We’re excited to team up with Meika! Ready to make some awesome changes to support Exterior Plastering apprentices.

If you’d like to know more about the Apprentice Leader programme and how to support it, please contact