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Industry Licence requirements

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Replacement Certificates

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Women in construction

There are few women in trades roles in construction, and we're encouraging change.

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We've created four publications designed to help you get familiar with legislation and consumer protection.


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Industry aims to boost women in trades

15 October 2019

Women are hugely under-represented in the trades, and an industry group is pushing for improvement.

BCITO submission on Education (VET Reform) Amendment Bill

14 October 2019

BCITO is committed to ensuring the reforms of the vocational education system benefits employers and apprentices, and to working with the Government to ensure this happens.

Surging construction industry prizes tech teachers and needs more

7 October 2019

Many tradies, parents and caregivers remember the first picture frame or coffee table project made at school, under the watchful eye of a workshop technology teacher. These specialist teachers are the unsung heroes of the building sector.

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Annual reports

2018 Annual Report

2 May 2019

2018 was an extremely successful year for BCITO. Our Annual Report highlights the milestones that were achieved during the year we reached 12,000 apprentices all training at the same time.

2018 Half Year Report

1 October 2018

2018 is the fifth year that we present a half-year report. This reporting means that key stakeholders can maintain an interim view of how our organisation is performing. We are confident that we're on track to deliver our forecast outcomes at year-end.

2017 Annual Report

26 April 2018

Our 2017 Annual Report highlights the milestones that were achieved during the year we commenced our second quarter century in operation and looks ahead to the future we're building.

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