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Your business - Built by You

The time you afford to training will come back to your business ten-fold.  Qualified people are self-confident, trusted and respected by customers. Their knowledge and skills are valuable commodities to your bottom line. You can build an ambitious team and a healthy company through training.

Many careers - Built by You

It takes some time for people to find out what they really enjoy doing. Once they’ve found it, they go the extra mile and they’re in – boots and all!  Supporting your people who’ve found their passion by training them means you’re helping grow that passion and is the best personal reward you could ever imagine.

Our community - Built by You

Drive down the main street, “See the hospital over there?  I helped lay the foundations for that.”  Turn the corner, “There’s the town hall, we painted that last year, she was pretty tired, she looks grand now!” Qualified BCITO professionals, building strong communities together.

Our whānau- Built by You

Providing for whānau is the essence of why we go to work.  It’s not only because you’re playing your part to build warm, safe housing. You wave bye in the morning, knowing that your skills provide a roof over their heads and full bellies at night. The reward of training others so their whānau can have a better life couldn’t be higher up on anyone’s wishlist. 

Our future - Built by You

The land of the long white cloud, where there’s not enough housing to go around and some are on the streets.  Others are returning home to stay forever.  Let’s build a strong future for everyone by increasing skills and leading innovation in construction.  Help people realise this opportunity and we'll support you along the way.

Our industry - Built by You

Passing your knowledge on to the next generation is very important. The industry is cyclical, and a downturn will always be followed by high demand. Times might get tough and the work might get lean, this is the paramount time to pass on your skills so NZ can be prepared for what lies ahead when the boom hits again.

No Fees

Apprenticeships are FREE* for all apprentices in every BCITO trade, including supervisor qualifications.  This is for everyone, no matter what prior formal study they have completed. This happens automatically so there’s no paperwork to complete. Find out more

No Fees

Apprenticeship Boost

Available from now until August 2022, Apprenticeship Boost is a government subsidy you can apply for through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to support your business if you are training an apprentice.

You might be able to get $1,000 per month in an apprentice's first year and $500 per month in an apprentice's second year, up to a maximum of $16,000 for each apprentice who is enrolled in a BCITO Level 4 qualification that contains 120 credits or more. Find out more

How training works

You provide the training, we'll handle the rest. It's a win-win!

Benefits of an apprentice

The positive return from training increases year-on-year, cumulatively.

Supporting an apprentice

How apprentices like to learn may be different for each individual.

Start training - be proud to say our country is BUILT BY YOU!