Get prepared for assessment

If you're a new apprentice, there's heaps you can do now to get prepared for your first aromatawai.

Great ways to prepare for assessment

  • If you are new to the industry, spend the first couple of months learning to be a good employee and workmate. Get to know your team, the work they do and how they go about it. 

  • If you are experienced but new to BCITO put together a list of previous employers and a portfolio of jobs that you have done, including photos.

  • Write down in a diary or exercise book what you do each week.  Include things you learned to do so you can refer back to your diary during conversations.

  • Take photos of the jobs you work on to upload to myBCITO as evidence and to show your Training Advisor.

  • Get prepared to kōrero to your Training Advisor about the work you’ve done.