Boxing to Brick Laying Champion

Tum Puhi - Brick & Block new NAG May 2024.jpg

We take great pleasure in introducing our newest National Advisory Group member for the Brick & Block Laying sector. Tameana (Tum) Puhi from Royal Contracting in Huntly joins us, bringing over 20 years of hands-on trade experience. Starting his trade at the young age of 15, he now runs a successful business employing 18-20 staff. What a change from being a one-man band!

His journey to becoming a self-employed brickie was not your average. With some bad choices earlier in his life, Tum spent some time in prison which took him to the depths of despair. He lost contact with his first two children, felt lost, and couldn’t see a way out of the black hole. It was through reflection and building his faith that he turned his life around.

Through these practices, as a passionate, dedicated, and determined man, he trained his mind and body to become the 2018 New Zealand Welterweight Boxing Champion. Having boxed at an international level and competed with the best from around the world, he turned those motivational and determined qualities into building a business, establishing Royal Contracting Ltd in 2018, named after his stepfather who raised him.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses though. Shortly after establishing the business, COVID-19 hit. We all know the challenges that were placed on everyone, but Tum and his small crew managed to keep the wolf from the door.

Tum’s determination and persistence to succeed carried through to his team with one of his young 21-year-old lads winning the 2022 Fastest Trowel competition (a highly contested race of skill and precision). In 2023 Royal Contracting won the Master Brick & Block Laying Jim Matthews Light Commercial Award and in the same year the Master Brick & Block Laying Jim Matthews Commercial Highly Commended Award.

Tum continues to thrive and looks outside the box for business solutions. He has a crew in Auckland and a smaller group in Huntly thereby managing to reach clients further afield. He treats his team like family, being actively supported in the business by his wife Emily.

Tum is excited to join the National Advisory Group and looks forward to being able to support his sector as much as he can, bringing his strengths and qualities to the table.

We look forward to having you on board Tum – see you at the May National Advisory Group meeting.

It’s important for BCITO to be listening and responding to what’s going on for people in the building and construction industry. National Advisory Group meetings are held twice a year, bringing together advocates from across the industry to better understand the challenges and opportunities faced and how BCITO can respond.