Literacy support

for employers who train

Everyone learns differently and you should spend time with your apprentice/s to make sure you understand how they learn best and adapt your teaching style to suit their individual needs.

We are pleased to provide this literacy and numeracy support advice to employers who train.


Dyslexia is a neurological difference that can affect learning. Your actions as an employer can help adults with dyslexia to succeed in the workplace.

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English language programmes

If English is not the main language of employees they may face some challenges which can be overcome by attending an English language programme.

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Help with literacy and numeracy skills

Pathways Awarua is developed by the Tertiary Education Commission to support adult and rangatahi learners to strengthen their reading and numeracy skills in contexts that are relevant to New Zealanders. Connect your people with Pathways Awarua for free reading and numeracy assistance through fun and engaging trade-specific modules.

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