Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is a free online learning resource of pathways containing modules people can complete in their own time, at their own pace. It’s easy to use, fun and engaging.

Pathways Awarua offers people skills that they can use every day, in contexts that are both familiar and useful.

Tell me more!

The Pathways Awarua literacy and numeracy pathways provide ways to improve skills using everyday examples. In addition, the reading and numeracy pathways have trade specific modules. There are also pathways that focus on

  • Health and safety
  • Road code
  • Heavy vehicle and forklift
  • My Money

These contextualised pathways can help people strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills, as well gaining useful knowledge about the topic.

Pathways Awarua can be accessed online on computers, tablets or smartphones. Offline, there are apps that let you use the modules on an iPad or Android tablet without being connected to the internet.

When would we use Pathways Awarua?

You could think about connecting your employees with Pathways Awarua if

  • English is not their main language and they want some English language help
  • They indicate they are struggling with their bookwork
  • They need to sit driver or heavy vehicle licences
  • They’re due for a health and safety course
  • They would like some tips on managing their money more effectively.

How can we use Pathways Awarua?

If you think Pathways Awarua might be helpful for some of your employees, talk to them about it, you can help employees register on the Pathways Awarua website.

You can also register and create a ‘group’ for your employees on Pathways Awarua, to support their literacy and numeracy needs. An employer can manage membership, recommend specific modules, track the progress of individuals and generate a group report for everyone in the group.

Tips to assist your employee

  • Make it inclusive! Everyone in the company could register and do some modules so that people don’t feel singled out.
  • Make it fun! You could set up a company challenge to see who completes the most modules.
  • Make it easy! If you have company tablets, download the app so that people can work on modules without needing data.
  • Make it about whānau! Let your employees know that their families can register and work through the pathways too.
  • Reward success! For example, you could have a morning tea shout when someone completes a pathway.

Useful links

Pathways Awarua homepage

Resources for educators

Demo modules

Pathways Awarua Facebook page

Pathways Awarua Educator Lounge

Free Pathways Awarua webinars

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Feel free to contact [email protected] to discuss any training requirements.