Gateway programme

Gateway is an opportunity for students to give the trades a go. It’s a way of figuring out what they want to do out of school, while they’re still in school.

BCITO Gateway

BCITO's Gateway programme involves both theory learning and practical application. Theory is done in the classroom and is reinforced with onsite work experience. We are here to help support you along the way.

Jess from Swish Decorating did Gateway through BCITO | Te Pūkenga and managed to get an apprenticeship as well.

BCITO offers the following services:

  • signing your Gateway students into a BCITO Gateway Support and Assessment MoU
  • providing learning and assessment resources
  • assessing unit standards
  • assisting you in getting to know your local industry employers
  • helping students make career decisions
  • introducing students to prospective employers when they leave school
  • providing appropriate building and construction information for careers advisors
  • assisting you with the consent-to-assess processes.

Become a Gateway employer

Find out how you could be a Gateway programme employer.

More information

Find out more about how we can support you to offer Gateway packages. 

Download your 2024 MOU and Gateway Support package here.

For more information about the Gateway programme in general please visit the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).