Recently, the Interior Construction/Systems NAG gathered in Auckland for their second 2023 meeting. Discussion topics varied and here are the highlights:

Any work-based learner can apply for the Fees-Free programme managed by the Ministry of Social Development (also known as the Boost scheme) as long as they meet the requirements of the programme. Due to strict criteria, many learners do not qualify for the fees-free programme. Approximately 50% of learners are not eligible for fees-free because they have completed 60 credits at a Polytech or university before taking on their apprenticeship. To check eligibility, all you need is your NSN number.

While at the NAG meetings, employers with apprentices received an Apprentice Progress Update email noting the progress of work completed towards their qualification in the last month. This communication was well received by NAG members who commented it was “short and punchy” and they could see this would help them keep track of their apprentice's progress. The Apprentice Progress Update will be emailed at the beginning of each month. There will also be links to myBCITO which records all the details and progress of the apprentice. Currently, there are 9,000 employers and only 95 have used the platform. Supervising managers get a more detailed report after a ‘visit’ so the monthly update was welcomed. (Bear in mind numbers won’t change unless there has been a recent visit from your Training Advisor for an assessment.)

Women in Interior Construction

AWCI is establishing a working group for ‘Women in Interior Construction’.  The guiding principles of the group are:

  • Promote the Interior Construction sector as a viable, safe, and enjoyable long-term career for female workers.
  • Advance and work to resolve any issues for working on-site for female workers.
  • Identifying any qualifications or training skills that need to be incorporated or developed.
  • Produce information, fact sheets, or good guidance as required.

BCITO will host the first meeting in Wellington on 5 December.