Leading the way: How BCITO’s Construction Management qualification helped superstar Jasmin Lawrence level up

Project manager Jasmin Lawrence understands the importance of upskilling. In 2023, she started her Certificate in Construction Related Trades (Main Contract Supervision) Level 5 qualification with BCITO, wanting to gain a formal qualification to add to her hands-on experience. She’s now a sought-after mentor, getting noticed both within and outside the industry.

The key driver was wanting to refine her leadership skills, to take them to the next level. Taking the Construction Management course helped Jasmin understand construction processes and team management in a whole new way.

‘It’s improved how I lead teams on-site and has given me the confidence to support others in their apprenticeship journeys. What’s really nice is that seeing me complete this qualification has now given other apprentices that extra boost of encouragement to aim higher. Some have spoken to me about doing this course themselves once they get their initial qualification,” she says.

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The flexibility of the programme allowed Jasmin to seamlessly weave her coursework into her daily routine.

“The course was everything I hoped for and more. A major highlight for me was that it was tailored to suit my learning needs. The practical nature of the training meant I could use real-time projects as part of my learning, enhancing my understanding and application of construction management principles as part of my day-to-day work,” says Jasmin.

Bryan Turley, Jasmin's training advisor, played a pivotal role in her journey. His personalised approach and understanding of Jasmin's career goals and preferred learning style provided her with the support she needed to thrive.

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"Bryan was the most supportive person and his mentorship was invaluable, helping me balance my coursework with my professional responsibilities. Together we discussed manageable time frames, realistic goals for due dates on the modules and he even very kindly worked around my busy schedule, to ensure the site visits were not disturbing to my work on site,” she says.

Since taking the course, Jasmin now has the confidence to lead and advocate for other women in construction, mentoring two fellow tradies she met during industry events and stepping up in other ways.

“A massive highlight for me was when I was asked to project-manage the first ever female-led build in New Zealand, BUILDhers. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and am so proud to say over 40 women passed through under my supervision to bring this wonderful home in Whenuapai to life,” she says.

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Bryan connected Jasmin with people in BCITO to help her with her advocacy.

“He truly understood my goals and went above and beyond. Through his connections I was able to successfully co-host a BCITO first ever, ‘Girls with Hi-Vis event’ and more doors into advocacy opened from there.”

Jasmin is now preparing for her next career step in Wanaka, looking forward to new challenges ahead, and the opportunity to inspire more women to try trades careers and aspire to leadership.

"I want to make the most of every opportunity, and I’m honoured to be a guest speaker at the Mana Wāhine Trade event, hosted by Amanda Williams, Principal Advisor Women, in Christchurch in April,” she says.

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