Painting & Decorating National Advisory Group (NAG) meeting highlights

On Friday 18 November, the Painting & Decorating NAG met face to face for the first time since COVID-19 hit our shores. It was great to have everyone in the same room after meeting via zoom for the last two years.

Painting NAG members.jpg

The Painting & Decorating NAG comprises employers with a strong background in industry training and supply chain representatives. The purpose of NAGs is to create a two-way information sharing pathway enabling BCITO to respond to educational needs of industry and allowing NAG members to inform their industry networks of the work and initiatives BCITO covers. These valuable members provide BCITO with advice on strategic issues around sector requirements and keeping training requirements up-to-date and relevant among other responsibilities.

The NAG meeting covered a range of topics relating to the current state of industry training and the future of BCITO within Te Pūkenga.

Other discussion points included:

  • The NAG welcomed their Apprentice Leader to the group, Turoa Adams from McNabb Decorating Ltd in Whangarei. BCITO selected Turoa as the Apprentice Leader for the Painting & Decorating sector. The NAG looks forward to having the voice of the apprentice in the group to better understand their needs.
  • Despite trainee numbers growing this year, the NAG feels the trainee numbers are not high enough to meet industry demand.
  • There is still plenty the NAG and industry doesn’t know about BCITO’s transition into Te Pūkenga. It is very crucial that the industry maintains their voice.
  • It was great to see three female apprentice finalists at the Apprentice of the Year competition this year.
  • Withdrawal reasons continue to be a hot topic for the NAG. They want to better understand why people are withdrawing from their apprenticeship.
  • Block courses are an integral part of the Painting and Decorating apprenticeship. BCITO reported to the NAG that we have engaged with additional providers to deliver block courses to apprentices.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all NAG members for giving up their time to contribute to such a productive meeting.