If times are tough right now with the end of the TTAF fees-free and the rising cost of living or running a business, we can help. We have personalised finance options to help you keep up your apprenticeship programme, with less stress.

Help with fees-free

The Targeted Training Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) fees-free programme, which used to cover training costs for apprentices and employers for two years, ended 31 Dec 2022. However, there are certain fees that are still free for 2023 if you meet the criteria. Call us to chat to help understand if you’re eligible for your fees to be free.

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Help with a payment plan

We have payment plan options so apprentices and employers can spread their fees out over instalments. We’re keen to do what we can to keep apprentices learning, so talk to us about staging payment options for you.

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Help with apprenticeship boost

Apprentice boost payment options are available for employers until 31 Dec 2023. This gives employers $500 per month per first and second-year apprentice, up to a maximum of $12,000 each. Talk to us to see if you qualify.

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Help with grants

We also provide a range of scholarships and grants. Ask about our $2,000 scholarship for underrepresented apprentices and supervisors, our $1,000 Tools Grants for apprentice purchasing of tools, and our Building Capability Grants of up to $3,000 for employer leadership training when you have an apprentice.

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We’re here to help. Our call centre is here to make fees less painful and more possible. Call us to talk about options to suit your personal situation.

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