Our goal at BCITO is to help and support each of our apprentices to be as successful as possible in their development. To help achieve this goal, we formed a group of 15 apprentices to work with us and all of our apprentices across all of our industry sectors. These apprentices are called Apprentice Leaders, and together they form the Apprentice Leadership Group.

Our apprentice leaders were recently invited to participate in an Outward Bound Course that focused on team building and personal development, and we caught up with them all to learn more about their experience and what they learned.

Corbin Ellis, one of our Brick and Block Apprentices, embarked on a transformative journey during the Outward Bound Course. Corbin's experience was not only enjoyable but also a source of valuable personal growth and learning.

The high ropes adventure stood out as one of the key highlights among the numerous activities Corbin participated in. "I also got the chance to learn how to sail a boat, and some activities really pushed me out of my comfort zone," Corbin shared. "I learnt how to work within a team to achieve better results" and overall, the experience taught me that I can overcome challenges I didn't think were possible.

The importance of teamwork and understanding others also became apparent to Corbin during the course, and Corbin believes that these lessons have had a direct application in the workplace. "Team building helps at work,” and allows you to foster a deeper understanding of colleagues enabling you to work stronger together.”

The Outward Bound course is “a fun experience.” “It's not just an adventure; it's character-building” and you get to meet other like-minded individuals, so I definitely would recommend it to others.

Corbin's journey at Outward Bound reflects the essence of the programme, where personal and professional growth, facing challenges, and building a sense of unity within a team are celebrated. We are proud to have Apprentice Leaders like Corbin, who seize the opportunity for personal development and are keen to share their positive experiences with others.