Why do an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship sets you up for a career as a qualified trade professional. All you need to get started is a job.

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Turn your job into a professional career

Being qualified is a big tick in the right box. It confirms that your skills are at the level that industry expects. Vince Troake, director, Troake wall and ceiling specialists

If you’re already working as a labourer, make more of it by doing an apprenticeship. Gain a professional qualification to recognise skills you’re learning on the job anyway and open up opportunities for greater responsibility and pay in the future.

Build your career directly from school

Vocational pathway programmes (like Gateway) can help you gain credits towards a qualification by doing some theory work while you're still at school. You may also be able to put any relevant NCEA credits you have towards a qualification. You can start your apprenticeship as soon as you have a job.

Earn while you learn

An apprenticeship is a cost-effective way to earn a qualification because you’ll earn while you train. You won’t need a student loan so you'll be debt-free and qualified. Your wage will increase as you progress through your qualification.

Expert training advisors will keep you on track

In an apprenticeship, you get mentored by your employer. An experienced BCITO Te Pūkenga training advisor will check in periodically to make sure you’re mastering your trade.

Gain a professional qualification without sitting in a classroom

If you learn better by doing, then an apprenticeship will suit you. While some theory is involved, most aromatawai is based on what you do on the job each day. Depending on the trade, you’ll spend a good deal of time outdoors and working with your hands.